FEATool Multiphysics  v1.16.4
Finite Element Analysis Toolbox
assemblenjac.m File Reference


ASSEMBLENJAC Assembly of defect and Newton Jacobian.

[ D, J ] = ASSEMBLENJAC( U, PROB, VARARGIN ) Evaluates defect with solution vector U and optionally assembles the nonlinear Jacobian matrix. Accepts optional propery value pairs in VARARGIN.

Input       Value/[Size]           Description
u           vector [n_u,1]         Solution vector for linearization point
prob        struct                 Problem definition struct
jac         scalar/struct {0}      Jacobian computation type
                                     . - Direct assembly using symbolic jac.form
                                         and jac.coef struct contents
                                     0 - Assembly using numerical differentiation
                                    >0 - Directional Jacobian (jac = i_sdim dir.)
                                    <0 - Numeric Mat-Prod Jacobian construction
du          scalar {1e-8}          Magnitude of numerical differentiation shift
icub        scalar {2}             Numerical integration rule
n_cmax      scalar {50000}         Max number of cells to assemble
                                   for at once (to limit memory consumption)
f_sparse    logical {true}         Return sparse/struct matrix format
Output      Value/[Size]           Description
d           vector [n_u,1]         Defect vector, d := f(u) - A(u)*u
J           sparse [n_u,n_u]       Assembled Jacobian matrix (optional output)
See also
assemmat, assemjac, assemblef