FEATool Multiphysics  v1.16.1
Finite Element Analysis Toolbox
fenics_data.m File Reference


FENICS_DATA FEATool to FEniCS data conversion.

[ S ] = FENICS_DATA( PROB, VARARGIN ) Converts the FEATool FEA problem struct PROB to a FEniCS Python simulation script. If the output S is requested the simulation script is returned as a string, otherwise it is written to the file designated by the FDIR and FNAME arguments. Accepts the following property/value pairs.

Input       Value/{Default}              Description
fname       featool-fenics               FEniCS base filename root
fdir        string  {}                   Directory to write mesh and data files
order       scalar  {2}                  Integration order used in c-expressions
linsolv     string  {default}            Linear solver
precond     string  {default}            Preconditioner for iterative solver
ischeme     scalar  {0}                  Solver type/time stepping scheme
                                           0 - Steady state/stationary
                                           1 - 1st order Backward Euler
                                           2 - 2nd order Crank-Nicolson
tstep       scalar  {0.1}                Time step size (for ischeme >= 1)
tmax        scalar  {1.0}                Maximum simulation time (for ischeme >= 1)
islin       scalar  {auto}               Specify linear or non-linear solver
maxnit      scalar  {20}                 Maximum number of non-linear iterations
nlrlx       scalar  {1.0}                Relaxation for non-linear iterations
toldef      scalar  {1e-6}               Relative stopping criteria
tolchg      scalar  {1e-6}               Absolute stopping criteria
saveall     logical {true}               Save all time steps/solutions,
                                         otherwise just saves last one
  1) Convert the ex_navierstokes1 example to a FEniCS script.

  fea = ex_navierstokes1();   % Set up, solve and return fea data struct.
  s = fenics_data( fea )      % Return equivalent FEniCS script as string.
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