FEATool Multiphysics  v1.16.4
Finite Element Analysis Toolbox
get_boundary_layers.m File Reference


GET_BOUNDARY_LAYERS Find boundary layers.

[ BL ] = GET_BOUNDARY_LAYERS( FEA, IND_BL, HL, NL, AR, ARG ) Find boundary layers in FEA struct and return the struct BL with the following fields for connected wall boundaries

boundaries - list of boundaries in layer
svertices  - list of single vertices in layer
sedges     - list of single edges in layer (only 3D)
gmsh       - gmsh boundary field

The optional array IND_BL is used to override automatic detection of wall boundaries (boundary condition selection 1 for Navier-Stokes, swirl flow, Brinkman equations, and fluid-structure interation physics modes). If IND_BL is empty layers for all boundaries will be returned.

The optional numerical arguments HL, NL (default 5), and AR (default 1.2) specifies the layer height, number of cells in layer, and aspect ratios for gmsh output.

ARG is an optional struct to give parameters for Gmsh boundary layer generation with the fields hmax, hmaxb, and thmax (default 5*pi/3).