FEATool Multiphysics  v1.16.4
Finite Element Analysis Toolbox
gridvert.m File Reference


GRIDVERT Generate grid vertex adjacency map.

[ V, VV ] = GRIDVERT( C, INDC, N_SDIM ) Generates an sparse map V which indicates which cells are connected to each other through the nodes.

Input       Value/(Size)           Description
c           (n_v,n_c)              Cell connectivity pointer array where the
                                   entries in each column correspond to the
                                   cell vertex numbers specifying the cells.
indc        vector                 Index to cells for which to compute map
                                   (all cells by default).
n_sdim      scalar                 Optional input argument indicating computation.
                                   of connectivities for connected edges.
Output      Value/(Size)           Description
v           sparse(n_c,n_c)        Sparse array indicating which grid cells are
                                   connected through the grid points. Or with
                                   three input arguments a which grid cells are
                                   connected though the edges (incl. n_sdim).
vv          sparse(n_p,n_p)        Sparse array which for each row indicates
                                   which nodes/edges are connected through cells.