FEATool Multiphysics  v1.16.4
Finite Element Analysis Toolbox
impexp_gmsh.m File Reference


IMPEXP_GMSH Import/export grid in GMSH format.

[ GRID ] = IMPEXP_GMSH( FILE_NAME, MODE, DATA, IIND, FID_LOG, BIX ) Import and export of Gmsh (.msh) Ascii mesh and grid file format.

FILE_NAME is a string specifying the (root) file name to process.

MODE can either be a string indicating IMPORT (where boundary numbering are reconstructed from Gmsh physical or elemental tags if available), IMPORT_BDR (boundary reconstruction with gridbdr), or EXPORT.

With the IMPORT mode option the function returns a GRID struct. While for exporting, the input DATA can be given as either a valid fea finite element data struct, or a FEATool grid struct.

IIND is an optional array for physical domains (subdomains in 2D and boundaries in 3D) to extract and import (default all).

FID_LOG is an optional log file handle for message output (negative for Gui output or empty for no output).

BIX is an optional index vector to correct boundary numbering.