FEATool Multiphysics  v1.16.4
Finite Element Analysis Toolbox
import_img.m File Reference


IMPORT_IMG Import and convert image to geometry.

[ GEOM ] = IMPORT_IMG( FILENAME, TYPE, RES, SCALE, LEVEL, BORDER ) Import bitmap image with FILENAME image (JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF), extract contours, and convert to a geometry of closed polygons.

TYPE indicates reconstruction type (1 - polygon (default), 2 - spline curve, 3 - Bezier curve). RES specifies the resolution in pixels of the curve segments (default 10 segments). SCALE is used for scaling from pixels to geometry dimensions (default 1 - one geometry length unit per pixel). LEVEL is used to prescribe an object detection threshold using the image color/intensity level (0 < LEVEL < 1, default 0.5). With the BORDER flag set an inverted border is added around the image (unset by default).

Calling IMPORT_IMG without any input arguments opens the dialog box with controls for tuning the image import.

  1) Open dialog box for image geometry import.

  geom = import_img();

  2) Convert image "filename" to geometry without dialog box.

  geom = import_img( filename );