FEATool Multiphysics  v1.16.4
Finite Element Analysis Toolbox
postanimate.m File Reference


POSTANIMATE Plot and animate solution.

[ M ] = POSTANIMATE( PROB, VARARGIN ) Postprocessing function to plot and animate FEATool solutions. PROB is a valid finite element problem struct. If an IMGNAME is given video or frames will be saved in the corresponding IMGFMT (images will be appended with the frame number before the image file extension). Optionally also returns image frames in the struct M that can be played with the movie command. Accepts the following property/value pairs as for postplot and the following additional properties

Property    Value/{Default}           Description
start       integer/{1}               Solution to start animation
step        integer/{1}               Step size (positive/negative integer)
end         integer/{end}             Solution to end animation
pause       scalar/{0}                Pause between frame generation (seconds)
imgname     string/{}                 Image/video base filename
imgfmt      png,mp4,avi/{jpeg}        Output image/video format
See also
postplot, movie, videowriter, print