FEATool Multiphysics  v1.16.4
Finite Element Analysis Toolbox
postextrude.m File Reference


POSTEXTRUDE Extrude 2D fea data to 3D.

[ FEA ] = POSTEXTRUDE( FEA, NZ, LZ, AX ) Extrudes a 2D FEA problem struct to 3D for postprocessing. NZ is the number of cells in the direction of extrusion (default 5), and LZ the corresponding extrusion length (default 1). AX [-3..3] optionally rotates and aligns the extruded grid with the selected axis (default -2 which is the negative y-axis). Non-vertex ordered dependent variable solutions will be interpolated to the grid point vertices.

  1) Extrude and plot a backwards facing step flow field.

  fea = ex_navierstokes4( 'iplot', false );

  feap = postextrude( fea );

  postplot( feap, 'isoexpr','sqrt(u^2+v^2)', 'sliceexpr', 'p', ...
                  'slicex', [], 'slicey', -sqrt(eps), 'slicez', [], ...
                  'colorbar', 'off', 'axis', 'off' )

  2) Extrude and plot a deflected beam.

  fea = ex_piezoelectric1( 'iplot', false );

  feap = postextrude( fea, 5, 6e-3 );

  postplot( feap, 'surfexpr', 'u', 'deformexpr', {'u',0,'v'}, ...
                  'deformscale', 2, 'colorbar', 'off', 'axis', 'off' )
  plotgeom( feap, 'labels', 'off' )

  axis normal
  axis( [ 0, 0.121, -20e-3, 20e-3, -20e-3, 20e-3 ] )
  view( 33, 24 )
See also
postplot, gridextrude